What our clients have to say...

Testimony by Brent
"The convenience of it. We can go onto the website at any time and just check whether someone’s paid. There’s notifications put on the system on a daily basis of what contact CFF’s had with our customers and the fact that the funds are available when we need them. CFF provides my business with a greater level of funding at really competitive rates."

Testimony by Chris
"They are Kiwi owned and operated and care about their clients, I really liked that and I felt they were a bit more personable than the others.

CFF’s process is fairly simple, we generate an invoice and a portion of that invoice is funded immediately. The balance of it is paid after our client pays CFF.

Their service, delivery and their products offers far more than a bank does and to be fair it’s at a lesser rate than the banks would be charging.

Great bunch of guys, they’re reliable, they’re prompt."

Testimony by Jason
"Unlike the bank CFF does not require fixed asset or property security. CFF is like a partner to us, one that does not interfere in our business. I have and will recommend CFF to other businesses."

Testimony by Sharmine
"The most important thing to me is that they are kiwi-owned and operated, they're really personable, great bunch of guys, reliable, they're prompt, and as I said earlier, I think they're the most trusted partner in my business."

Testimony by Peter
"CFF made it very easy, they came out here and explained everything, exactly what was going to happen. We just signed the papers and away it went and we've never looked back. It's simple, it's easy and it works!"