CFF puts you in control of your funding

We offer debtor management and administration services. Without funding but with a difference, your standby funding facility can be set up ready to go.

Our debtor management and administration services are a smarter way to manage your customers.

We think it's important for a business to maximise its scarce resources. Two of those are time and cash flow. We think cash flow is the life blood of business so to us time spent on good debtor management is essential to a sustainable business. It's also a service we have specialised in since 1989.

We address fundamental issues such as:

  1. Pressure on your time
  2. Access to professional, reliable and cost-effective systems
  3. Know how with assistance and guidance if required in:
    1. Debtor management
    2. Collection and preservation of good customer relationships
grow your business

Our Debtor Management Facilities

Recognising that each business has differing needs we'd like to provide a solution that is tailored to fit your specific requirements. We have found that most clients do prefer what is offered in one of the two options set out below. Please have a look and let us know what you feel would be best for you.

You continue to manage all customer contact and we perform the back-office debtor management and maintenance functions for you.

We enable you to spend more time and effort on the things that matter to you and to your customers. You continue to nurture your customer relationships and grow your business knowing that you have complete control over all contact.

We assist by ensuring that you and your customers have access to timely accurate information. Helping you to provide a prompt reliable reporting service to your customers on which they can depend.

If you need back up at any time, for example you may be called away on business, we can step in and offer a temporary relief service based on your established criteria and your pattern of customer follow up. All the while keeping you informed of anything that needs your attention.

We essentially become your accounts receivable manager with the aim to have your outstanding debtors' accounts paid on time with as little fuss as possible and all the while treating your customers with respect and courtesy. We seek to maintain or even enhance your customer relationships. You can then concentrate on your core business, be it supply of goods, services or both.

We constantly keep you informed. We give you customer performance feedback to the level you desire via online access, email, sms and also phone calls. In doing so we also implicitly keep you informed of our own performance.

We relieve you from the time required to manage your customers' accounts at the 'day to day level' whilst keeping you informed and drawing your attention to anything that we feel needs your expertise.

You can make future sales without the 'inconvenience' of having to pester for any overdue payments, but with the comfort of knowing that your customers' accounts are being monitored and that you are fully up to date with any developments.

Of course if you have some customers that you feel require your special attention we can simply work with you and operate a hybrid facility to meet your needs.

How it Works

Your invoices and any credit notes are entered into our system.

They are either directly extracted from your accounting software or entered manually by us.

Using your livery CFF ensures your invoices and statements are sent to your customers. Email is our preferred and the cheapest delivery option.

When customers make payments into your bank account CFF uploads or manually records the payments in our debtor management system.

All information captured is made available online including a full suite of reports including, for example, a ‘prompt report’ which reports customers that have exceeded your agreed terms of trade.

CFF operates a ‘debtor management control desk’ that provides help and information as and when required.

You chose either:

  1. DIY Debtor Management
    1. You maintain all direct customer contact
  2. Full Debtor Management
    1. Our professional staff provide the full debtor management function.

To get an indicative cost for your chosen debtor management service simply provide us information about:

  1. The number of active customer accounts that you presently have.
  2. Estimated number of invoices sent monthly.
  3. Banking arrangements.
  4. Your terms and conditions of trade.

If you want the peace of mind of an on demand line of credit then please also complete our application form.