Company history

CFF is an independently owned business that's been delivering flexible cash flow and time freeing solutions to NZ businesses since 1989. We are more flexible than others, including finance companies.

Like so many New Zealand businesses we started out in a single room at home.

We have developed our systems and our software continuously since that time and have been fortunate to have had the help of great staff.

We've always provided funding facilities that suit business cycles, freeing up working capital, time and giving freedom from "cash flow worry" so that greater time and energy can be more productively spent seeing to customers' needs and business growth.

However, our methods of delivery have changed over the years as ways of communication and sharing information have evolved.

Over time we have observed that the greatest assistance to our clients is achieved by their utilisation of our tailored facilities:

  • Business Funding Facility;
  • Full Service Funding Facility; and
  • Business Backstop Funding Facility.

because they compete favourably with any form of working capital business loan offered by New Zealand finance companies.

Clients have used our facilities both as standalone solutions and as solutions that complement their existing funding arrangements. They have benefitted from access to a greater level of funding and what's more, typically at better than bank interest rates.

To some our debtor management service has provided a huge unforeseen benefit.

Most prospective clients do not comprehend the value that can be derived from a professionally managed debtors' ledger and the potential amount of time freed up.

Over time we have developed this area of our service to greater enable clients to keep track of their business and to allow easier collaboration in resolving any customer queries.

The next leg of our journey is to further embrace technology so that we can bring you even greater efficiencies, this includes setting out on a social media adventure, with some trepidation, but who knows?

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CFF's people

||We are an experienced and dedicated team. We look for solutions not problems. Our flexible, efficient and agile service lets us respond quickly to your changing needs.

Lorraine Morgan
Lorraine manages reception and much, much more. Nothing is too much trouble for Lorraine and everything she does is done well; be it in regard to assisting clients, their customers or around the office. Give her a call...
Maria Fenwick
Office Manager
Maria is in charge of the engine room and has a fine grasp on all that goes on at CFF. It is Maria that oversees the accuracy of all client and customer account information. If you have any account enquiry, you'd do well to ask for Maria's assistance, she'll ensure your enquiry is repsonded to quickly and get you sorted!
Marty Haydon Bcom Bsc
General Manager
Marty is ultimately responsible for your satisfaction and encourages a strong working relationship with all clients and their customers. He has been involved in the business funding arena for most of his working life and gets great joy from helping clients grow their businesses and achieving efficiencies along the way. Marty also oversees the development and the maintenance of our software and infrastructure.
Mike Haydon Bcom
Chief Financial Officer
Mike's experience and expertise is broad and covers all areas of Financial and Management Accounting. He has previously worked in a demanding CA environment but now takes pride in seeing his primary role as developing the appropriate financial solutions to meet the needs of a variety of businesses from diverse industry groups.
Suzie Ingram
Office Administrator
Suzie's chief role is to ensure that all data is cleanly, promptly and accurately recorded so that all accounts, of both clients and customers, correctly reflect the latest information. But, like Lorraine, Suzie does so much more to ensure everything runs smoothly.
Terry Haydon Bcom
Co Founder and Consultant
Terry together with his wife Trish co-founded the business back in the late 80's. Terry has spent much of his career involved in the financial markets gaining considerable experience in merchant banking, the money market and traditional finance house activities. Management positions culminated in his appointment to Managing Director of the Broadlands / Broadbank Group from 1982-1986. Before entering the finance sector, he was employed by a national firm of Chartered Accountants. He first became involved in invoice finance as the Christchurch branch credit manager and then as accountant for Pacific Factors Ltd (the then factoring arm of Marac Finance Ltd) in 1972. Prior to being instrumental in the establishment of Commercial Factors Limited in 1989, Terry undertook consultancy work for Fay Richwhite and was employed by Citibank to establish the consumer lending division within New Zealand.
Archer Vallesfin Bscoe & Michael Sarza Bsece
Our IT Specialists
Archer and Mike are CFF's inhouse IT specialists. Collectively they are developing and integrating our new systems and maintaining our existing infrastructure.

The Team

We all work together to ensure that all functions are performed in a proper and timely fashion. If something needs doing it is everyone's responsibility to see it gets done. Our focus is to perform optimally, to be as transparent as possible, to ensure all customers are as happy as possible and to ensure that all clients' cash flow cycles are managed as well as possible.