Understanding Business Funding
Understanding Business Funding
A business has different needs during its start-up and a growth cycle.
Choosing how to correctly fund your business is fundamental to its prosperity and in a broader sense to those forming business relationships with your business and also the economy as a whole.
Are you proactive in following-up on slow paying customers
Are you proactive in following-up on slow paying customers?
Being consistent when chasing debtors will help you to recover debts while maintaining good customer relationships. You should be contacting customers quickly about overdue invoices. If you offer payment terms of 30 days, begin following up as soon as payments are overdue.
What’s better than a bank overdraft
What’s better than a bank overdraft?

The key benefits of a CFF Overdraft facility when compared to a bank overdraft are;

What makes a business successful
What makes a business successful?
According to www.business.govt.nz approximately one in ten small businesses fail in their first year, and 70% within the first five years. The main reason a business fails is due to poor management (lack of cashflow, no business plan, poor marketing, poor record keeping, lack of financial control etc).